Creating video games has been a passion of mine since I was very young. Here are a few games that I've finished for you to try out. A couple you can even play right here without downloading anything!

Completed Games

Along Came A Spider

Along Came A Spider was one of the first games I developed, first on an early version of Mark Overmar's Game Maker, then in plain Javascript and HTML 5 as it is here. It is a unique Pac-Man sort of maze game where you play a spider trying to catch flies before they excape the maze while avoiding the larger beetles. It should be mentioned that I developed a special Javascript Game library called jjGameLib to do this. The code behind this game is an early version of the library.

Play Along Came A Spider

Cosmic Creeps

I've adored the game Space Invaders since I was a small boy, and I wanted to make a little tribute to it here. There are a few bugs, but it is fun to play. This was designed in Game Maker Studio 1.

Play Cosmic Creeps

Current Projects

The Tome

After taking a course on creating an action RPG in GameMaker Studio 2 I decided to work on The Tome, a project that I started a long time ago. I had tons of artwork and documentation on the backup drive that I took out and revamped. I designed the action engine and created and refined many of the graphics that will be used in the game. I'm pleased to say that development is going strong and with the lack of any shows to do this season I may even have chapter one completed before spring. The Tome is a top-down, Zelda-style RPG starring a little character named Sam, who you must guide through a strange and terrifying world to reclaim an ancient book that traps evil. I'm going to try to start a blog that will chronicle the development process soon.