The Magic & Illusions of Jeffrey Jene

For nearly twenty years I have had the pleasure of entertaining audiences all over the U.S. with my magic show. It is one of the first true passions I developed in my life, and has brought me several friends and opportunities I would not have had otherwise.

I enjoyed magic as a child, delighting over the illusions of Doug Henning and David Copperfield. However, I never really had the patience or interest to take it up myself. I did, however, have an interest in performing. After reading a book on comedy by Judy Carter, I started doing stand-up comedy at open mic nights in Milwaukee in about 1989. One of the spots that I used to perform at was a novelty cloak and dagger themed nightclub called the Safehouse. At that time, there was a magician who entertained at the side bar there between the drinks he served named Sneaky Pete. I watched him one night while waiting for the comedy show to start, and I was just delighted and spellbound. From that point on, my interest in performing magic began.

I started with card tricks from a very old book. I wasn't interested in those old mathematical effects, but rather the very visual tricks that required some rather difficult and elaborate sleight of hand. I catch on to things rather quickly, so it wasn't long until I was amazing not only audiences but other magicians as well.

I currently continue to perform for private parties, festivals, fairs, and company functions. You can visit my online press kit at


Anyone who even barely knows me is aware of the ever-present deck of cards twirling about in my hands, no matter the time and place!

While card magic focuses on manipulation of playing cards for purposes of illusion, cardistry is the non-magical manipulation of playing cards with intent to display creativity, performance art, and skill. If you’ve ever seen a magician fan a pack of cards, you’ve seen a very small demonstration of cardistry – a “card flourish.”

With the emergence of Chris Kenner's Sybil Cut (photo) and other iconic flourishes in recent years, the art has grown in footprint by leaps and bounds, largely due to its strong support from many online communities of enthusiasts. Cardistry is growing into a full blown subculture, complete with performance videos posted and shared regularly among cardists (card artists) all over the world.

I have manipulated playing cards for my entire career for the purpose of magical entertainment. After visiting the Theory11 website and seeing the performances of cardists such as Dan and Dave Buck and Daniel Madison, I was inspired to take up the challenge, and I have even started to create my own moves and flourishes.