Frankenstein: A New Musical

In the Summer of 2011 I was selected to play the lead role of Victor Frankenstein in the Delta Xi production of Frankenstein: A New Musical. It was the premiere performance of Frankenstein in this region. Thois was my first lead role, and opened me up to all sorts of other oppertunities and possibilities. The production seemed constantly plagued by bad luck, with people dropping out of the cast left and right, pianists who couldn't play the score and other problems, but in the end, the cast really pulled it together and made it work. Here are the details:

Frankenstein, A New Musical Music by Mark Baron Book and Lyrics by Jeffrey Jackson Original Story Adaptation by Gary P. Cohen From the novel by Mary Shelley Come see the REGIONAL PREMIERE of the critically acclaimed 2007 Off-Broadway Musical! Presented by the The Delta Xi cast of Alpha Psi Omega, the team that brought you last year's "[title of show]", at the RPI Playhouse.

Performance dates: September 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 8PM each night
Ticket information will be added as the date approaches.
Tim Orcutt directs.
For show details, check out the official website: www.frankensteinthemusical‚Äč.com (also has song clips!)
With earnest ballads and soaring ensemble numbers, this compelling new musical brings the suspense and romance of the classic tale to life in a uniquely faithful, yet thoroughly innovative adaptation of Mary Shelley's original novel. In his quest to discover the secret of life, Victor Frankenstein, a brilliant young scientist, creates a human of his own design that turns out to instead be a horrifying beast. This is no "Hollywood monster," but a flesh-and-blood man who, while terrifying in appearance, grows to become articulate, cunning, and thirsting for revenge upon the creator who abandoned him. A tragic love story and exploration of humanity, Frankenstein, A New Musical breathes new life into the world-renowned story of man and creator pitted against one another in epic battle.


Jeffrey Jene - Victor
Tara Burnham - Elizabeth
Ashley France - Justine / Bride
Mike Ciaravella - University official (and other roles)
Heather Hewitt - Agatha / Mother
Travis Brunell- Walton / Blind Man / Executioner
Ken Kasch - creature/condemned man
EJ Haley - Henry
Liana Martino- multiple roles
Bryce Perry - William
Scott Truesdell - Father


Jeffrey as Victor Frankenstein

The Cast Of Frankenstein