A Shot in the Dark

A Shot in the Dark opened in the Spring of 2017 at Albany Civic Theater, and was one of the few non-musical shows that I have done. It is the very show that inspired the movie starring Peter Sellers, although the movie is very different from the play. The show revolves around a young woman, accused of murdering her lover, being grilled by a French detective who never seems to get anything but idiotic answers much to his frustration. I played Morestan, the detective's faithful clerk and assistant. The show was directed by Rachael Sheffer. The thing that made this show so tough was the constant repetition in the script that occasionally caused (even in live performance) the cast to start performing different parts of the script at the wrong time! I actually sat at my desk during the show with cliff notes and was able to interrupt with my own "questions" to get the show back on track. The humor of the show was also a bit tough to pull off. All in all, this show was still quite an experience and I enjoyed it.